Let us open the discussion

Welcome to the discussion page of the Universe-of-codes research project. This is the place were to leave comments or ask questions about any topics of this research, by simply replying to this post. Please feel free to give your contribution to the discussion.

One thought on “Let us open the discussion

  1. Christian Hege

    This is really interesting work ! Presumably, these papers were submitted for publication and rejected by anonymous reviewers who did not dare to recommend work outside the mainstream.

    I would like to know the major arguments of the reviewers for rejecting the papers. Did they have fundamental counter-arguments, or did they completely misunderstand arguments, or did they find gaps in the chain of reasoning – which perhaps could be filled with the help of others researchers? Maybe you can add excerpts of the reviews?

    It would be nice, if here in the web a constructive and open-minded discussion would start !


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